Awww, Yeah!

The Overview

I came in third* because everybody else on my team wimped out and stayed home. Team 11 came in second, and the Flying Monkeys (aka Mike D's mom and dad, plus their friends) came in first.

I won a Guinness hat and t-shirt, plus a lovely California Zinfandel from Ravenswood Winery.** Team 11 (who only beat me by four points, I might add) also had a bottle of wine and some assorted goodies, plus some extra chances in the drawing for the trip to Ireland.*** The Flying Monkeys had 13 more points than I did and won a lovely gift basket from World Market, plus the team captain won two plane tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. (or something like that — I wasn't really paying attention).

The Blow-by-Blow

I have many, many details to share . . . but I have to go to PA for a stoopid meeting on Wednesday a.m. in seven hours, so that cuts into my usual blogging time. I should hurry up and go to sleep, because I'm supposed to drive, but I love late night election coverage on MSNBC (Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and [rowr!] Keith Olbermann) and want to keep watching.

So, I'll post the rest later.

* * * * *
I finally got around to it.
Feast your eyes on these bad boys:
* * * * *

* Okay, out of six teams. But seeing as how I was by myself, I think that's pretty damn good. I even got the fricking missing link!

** OMG. I just looked at the label:

Does that remind you of anything?! </Craig Ferguson>

** Like they need them. I think pretty much every entry in the drawing has their name on it, but whatevs.


  1. Alright! Prizes for March Drunken Madness! Oh, wait, did you mean to keep them for yourself? You're sitting in the corner with the bottle of wine and a straw, aren't you?

    No fair making new stories just yet, but congrats on the big win.

  2. Excuuuuuuse me? Okay, I pussed out (who cares about a gigantic ice storm?)but who was on the phone with you for three rounds?

    1) The 49ers threw "The Catch"
    2) The awful Keanu Reeves movie was "Chain Reaction"
    3) Courtney Love made the infamous "emotional cry for help" movie
    4) Samuel L. Jackson wanted a purple lightsaber when he played Mace Windu

    There's four points right there! Seems like somebody forgets the little people when they ascend to the throne. " ... cuts into my usual blogging time" indeed ... I see the whitewashing going on here.

    But you did get the Missing Link. I give you props for that.

  3. Christine:

    I was planning to give you the appropriate credit when I did my complete question-by-question recap, honest!

    I just haven't gotten around to it yet.I think I'll work on it tonight . . .

    I would do it now, since I have no real work to do, but I stupidly left my notebook at home.

    Did you at least go to the March Drunken Madness site and vote for me?