The Compleat Pub Quiz, Part 2

I make my way through the sleet and snow to discover a nearly empty pub. I received a text from Cathy about how she's staying home because of the weather and a text from Christine saying that she didn't know how late she was going to be, because the bus had to take an extended detour because of the weather.

I kill time by chatting to Mike D's parents. His mom liked my t-shirt, which featured a big thumbs-up. I explained that it was a freebie from a Pandora event I attended the week before, and noted that since I hate doing laundry, I love getting free t-shirts. Other topics of conversation: Voting, the weather, and Mike D's birthmark (which I'm not supposed to blog about, but whatever).

On the sartorial tip: Despite promises to the contrary a few weeks ago, Mike D's still sportin' the same duds — a result, he says, of not having any time to hit the mall. Suggestions that he shop via "teh Internets" were shrugged off.

Despite delaying the start of the quiz for ten or fifteen minutes, there's still hardly anybody there. More to the point, I'm still the only one at my table. Christine kind of soured on the whole quiz concept once she arrived at the commuter lot to discover her car was encased in ice. No amount of arm twisting would get her to drive two miles down the road to the bar, although, as pointed out in her earlier comments, she did stay on the phone with me for several rounds.

Speaking of rounds . . . time for Round 1, TV Guides and TV Dinners, which I am reproducing below for your quizzing pleasure.

  • Who did Fleet Street dub "Mr. Nasty" when he was a judge on Pop Idol? (Simon Cowell)
  • What MTV reality show boosted applications to UC-Davis after filming a season there? (Sorority Life)
  • What instrument does SpongeBob SquarePants strum while hanging out at home? (ukelele)
  • What does Phoebe find in a can of soda that leads to a $7,500 settlement on Friends? (finger or thumb)
  • What New York delicatessen owner finagled his way into Regis Philbin's office at David Letterman's request, insisting that "The little weasel owes me money"? (Rupert Gee)
  • What ex did Frasier Crane leave behind when he left Boston for the Pacific Northwest? (Lilith)
  • Who did Guinness recognize as the World's Most Frequent Clapper? (Vanna White)
  • Who donated the Bikini from Survivor All-Stars to a museum in her home town of Beaver, Pa.? (Amber Burkitch)
  • What FOX series is described as a weekly nationwide criminal manhunt? (America's Most Wanted)
  • What show did the Los Angeles Times call "Jesus of Malibu"? (Highway to Heaven)

Bonus Question:

Who left Conan in 2000 and moved on to Strangers with Candy? (Andy Richter)

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