The Compleat Pub Quiz, Part 3

In which it is revealed that Edie, the bartender, filled in for Mike D while he was on vacation last week. I'm sorry I missed it.

How'd you do on Round 1? I had 6 right, which meant that I outscored* the team next to me, which had eight people on it. Not to brag or anything. . . because it's time for Round 2, Strange Questions that Make Mike D Feel Weird Inside.

  • What is the main color of bags of Crispy M&Ms? (blue)
  • What annual world championship's only rule is that people cannot play actual guitars? (Air Guitar World Championship)
  • Who is Strong Bad's depressed brother in the online cartoon Homestar Runner? (Strong Sad)
  • What 1970s doll gave Mego enough surplus bodies to slip new heads onto in order to fulfill the classic superheroes series?** (Action Jackson)
  • What popular online computer game is often called "Evercrack"? (Everquest)
  • What broad-shouldered Dynasty star helped revive big shoulders for U.S. women? (Linda Evans)
  • What Spanish town endured 20 PETA members wearing nothing but bull horns during a 2002 protest? (Pamplona)
  • What pointy-eared tabloid cover kid (excluding Mike D) became the protagonist of an off-Broadway show? (Bat Boy)
  • What word did Coke, Everready, and Saran Wrap use in product names during the 1990s? (classic)
  • The Burger King in what Middle Eastern capital city became one of the world's ten busiest franchises within five months of its 2003 opening? (Baghdad)

Bonus Question:
What company invented the kettle grill in 1952? (Weber)

*Ok, by one point. But still! Me = one person; Them = eight people!

** If this strikes you as totally garbled and nonsensical, that's because it was.

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