The Compleat Pub Quiz, Part 4

I managed to get 6 right in Round 2, the same as the team next to me.

Somewhere in here it was time to raffle off some t-shirts. Mike D's mom yelled out that I needed to win a t-shirt so I don't have to do my laundry. Mike D was actually walking toward me when she shouted this, and I waved at him because my mouth was full.* He said, She's trying to eat, Mom, leave her alone. A moment later, I said to tell her that I still have my t-shirts from the previous weeks. Which I do. I've worn a couple of them to work, under my sweaters and stuff so the nuns don't see the big Miller Lite or Guinness logos.

Anyhow, after that hi-larious interlude — during which I did not win a prize — it was time for Round 3, entitled Gossip You May Have Already Heard or Maybe Not So Much (and not, interestingly enough, People Who Suck).

  • What U.S. Senator's name is often misheard by voters as "Alabama" or "Yo' Mama"? (Obama)
  • What author of Love and Consequences recently revealed that her autobiography was fictitious? (Margaret Jones)
  • What Ocean's 11 star was honored to be the first person at Madame Tussaud's in London with a strokeable chest? (Brad Pitt)
  • What Swedish company denied that its founder bypassed Bill Gates as the world's richest man? (Ikea)
  • What wife of a former world leader scored a surprise hit in Europe with a karaoke rendition of "When I'm 64"? (Cherie Blair)
  • What accident-prone Pirates of the Carribbean actor broke his back, nose, wrist, finger, skull, and both legs? (Orlando Bloom)
  • What country music outlaw lost $300,000 to Amarillo Slim at dominos? (Willie Nelson)
  • What monologist disappeared from the Staten Island ferry the day he saw Big Fish? (Spaulding Gray)
  • What band dumped human waste from its tour bus onto a boat full of tourists in the Chicago River? (Dave Matthews Band)**
  • What is the average retail price of the new Nine Inch Nails album? ($0 — It's free.)

Bonus Question:
Who played Anne Darrow in the 2005 remake of King Kong? (Naomi Watts)

* I had the meatloaf sandwich. Yummy!

** And herein lies a controversy.

At the beginning of every quiz, Mike D announces that one of the rules is that his word is law . . . especially when he's wrong. Although in the past we have successfully petitioned him to accept a factually correct answer instead of the incorrect answer listed on his answer key (Cathy: "Diana is not a Greek goddess!"), usually people are SOL when, through some vagary of the cut-and-paste gods, the response in his notes is not the actual answer to a question.

So, when he announced "Bjork" as the answer to the question about the tour bus, I thought he was kidding around with the gang on Team Hookers & Blow, because they'd been writing "Bjork" down as a default "I have no clue!" answer and/or calling it out at opportune moments the whole night. I even raised my hand to ask him about it, and despite a general angry murmur from the crowd, he refused to accept "Dave Matthews Band," which is what Hookers & Blow had written down, instead of the "correct" answer of "Bjork." Ah, the irony!

Christine pointed out later that Bjork rides a unicorn to all of her concerts — no tour bus necessary!

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