The Compleat Pub Quiz, Part 5

After my four-point (!) performance in Round 3, I was ready for a break.

My team, The Wonder Twins,* was in fifth place at halftime, tied for last with team Weird Science. Knife Fight was only one point ahead of me, and then Hookers & Blow were two points ahead of them. The Flying Monkeys (Mike D's parents and friends) and Team 11 were in second and first, respectively, separated by only one point.

I called Christine to see if she was sure she didn't feel like coming over after all, and I recapped the first half standings for her. She said that Team 11 should be disqualified — How many vodka t-shirts do you need? I don't remember if I floated my laundry-avoidance theory to her, because it was almost time for Round 4, Screaming** Guitars and Awesome Cowbell.

  • What duo failed to strike gold with their 1971 album titled *** and Woman? (Gregg Allman and Cher)
  • What country star claimed he would never smoke grass with Willie Nelson again in his song "Weed with Willie"? (Toby Keith)
  • Whom did Pete Townshend denounce for stealing his guitar-smashing act at the Monterey Pop Festival? (Jimi Hendrix)
  • What group had three platinum albums in the 1980s with 1984, 5150, and OU812? (Van Halen)
  • What group had four Billboard number-one hits in the twentieth century — more than any other Swedish band? (Roxette)
  • What jam band is frequently accompanied by a goggle-clad singer called the Dude of Life? (Phish)
  • What five-foot-two superstar rarely mentions that his childhood nickname is Skippy? (Prince)****
  • Whose first solo album, America's Sweetheart, was described by Newsday as a "raw and riveting emotional cry for help"? (Courtney Love)
  • What songstress was born to parents named Hildur and Gudmundur Gunnarsson? (Bjork)*****
  • Who had three number-one hits with "Straight Up," "Forever Your Girl," and "Cold Hearted"? (Paula Abdul)******

Bonus Question:

What album contains the song "Glycerine"? (Sixteen Stone, by Bush)

*As in, I wonder where the other two members of my team are!

** This word could also be screeching, shrieking, or shredding — my handwriting isn't the greatest.

*** He repeated it several times, but I could not understand this word as "Allman." I heard Omen or Almond, which are very close, but not very helpful in terms of helping me think of the right answer. Although I did know, once the answer was revealed, that Cher's real name is not Linda Ronstadt.

**** Controversy rears its ugly head again! According to Mike D's answer sheet, the correct response is Steve Young. So, everybody who had the factually correct answer (Prince) lost a point. Christine said he needs to fire his secretary if things are going to get garfed up this bad.

***** Irony rears its misshapen head again! Hookers and Blow didn't get this one right, either. They guessed "Fergie."

****** Full disclosure: I still have my cassette of Forever Your Girl.

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