The Compleat Pub Quiz, Part 6

I did pretty well in the music round — 8 points. I would have had two more if I'd listened to Christine and not written down "Ace of Base" or if I'd listened to Mike D and written down the album name and not the band name for the bonus question. Whatevs. Moving on . . .

Time for Round 5, Talkies.

  • What Sideways star is the son of a former Major League Baseball commissioner? (Paul Giamatti)
  • What star of American Beauty has been dubbed "the thinking man's sex kitten"? (Mena Suvari)
  • What GOP mastermind is put under the microscope in the documentary Bush's Brain? (Karl Rove)
  • Who played Orson Welles in Ed Wood, an alien in a farmer's body in Men in Black, and Abbie Hoffman in Steal This Movie? (Vincent D'Onofrio)
  • What Dreamworks sequel was the first full-length animated movie to feature the voice of Julie Andrews? (Shrek)
  • What color lightsaber did Samuel L. Jackson request for Attack of the Clones? (purple)
  • What Mormon quarterback nixed a role in There's Something about Mary, calling it "too risqué"? (Steve Young)*
  • What 1983 movie brought the work of breakdance pioneers Rock Steady Crew to the big screen? (Flashdance)
  • What 1994 Brad Pitt film made Entertainment Weekly say that "puffy shirts hide the good stuff"? (Interview with a Vampire)
  • What Kevin Spacey movie was partially inspired by a guy who killed his family and vanished for seventeen years? (The Usual Suspects)

Bonus question:

What crappy 1996 film starred Morgan Freeman and Keanu Reeves as researchers framed for murder and treason? (Chain Reaction)**

* Christine: I hope the answer on his sheet isn't "Prince."

** And thus began the great debate between Mike D (pro) and a member of Hookers and Blow (con) about whether Keanu Reeves sucks.

I think it ended when Mike D announced that the next question was "How much does Keanu Reeve suck, on a scale of 1 to 10 Bjorks, plus or minus 2 Steve Youngs?" Heh.

No, I take it back: It ended after the missing link was revealed, and Mike D informed us that the Keanu is the unit of measuring how much things suck.

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