The Compleat Pub Quiz, Part 7

I totally rocked the Movies round: 10 points! Woo! Feelin' pretty good! Which means it's time for something to bring me back down to earth.

Ah, yes: Round 6, Sports and Other Outdoorsy Stuff.*

  • Which Yankee is the only player allowed to wear the number 42, eight years after the MLB ordered the number retired? (Mariano Rivera)
  • What veteran sportswriter is the author of Dead Solid Perfect, The Dogged Victims Of Ineyorabus Fate, and Semi-Tough? (Dan Jenkins)
  • What sport's international president, Seth Blatter, drew fire for suggesting that the female athletes should wear tighter shorts? (soccer)
  • What National League baseball team has had Joe Nuxhall as an announcer since 1966? (Reds)
  • What sport is about finding crap with your GPS, marking a log book, and replacing what you found? (geocaching)
  • What was the first Division I college to win two NCAA basketball titles in the same year? (U Conn)
  • What soccer star cost England the 2004 Cup by blasting a penalty kick into the crowd? (David Beckham)**
  • What water sport has two types of gear: sit-on-tops and cockpit style? (kayaking)***
  • What team went to its first Superbowl after Dwight Clark made the play now referred to as "The Catch"? (49ers)****
  • What NL East team did Hall of Famer Bob Murphy call 6,000-plus games for? (Mets)

Bonus question A:

What Audi model, produced since 1994, was the successor to the Audi 80? (A4)

Bonus question B:

What is the missing link between all of the bonus questions? (units of measurement)*****

Final standings are in last week's post.

And that's it for Pub Quiz for a few weeks. Further bulletins as events warrant.

* Amazingly enough, because of the bonus questions, I had a 12 in this category. I think it's safe to say that that is the highest score I will ever get in a Sports round, ever.

** I think Mike D said that this question was essentially, "Name a soccer player."

*** Since Cathy wasn't there, everyone else had to pick up the slack and come up with their own off-color comments about sit-on-top and cockpit. For example, Hookers & Blow offered "sex in the water."

**** This was but one of the several answers Christine came up with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

***** I think I might have been the only person to get this, because Mike D was kind of surprised when I called it out. But I probably only figured it out because of my copious notes, which let me review the answers to the bonus questions in the first three rounds. (The answer sheets from the first three rounds are collected at halftime.) Said copious notes also allowed me to reconstruct the entire evening for your entertainment. (You're welcome.) I promise not to do it again. (You're welcome.)

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