Having a Bad Day

Last week my dad sent me this video, which apparently does not want to embed properly, so you'll be forced to click the link:

glumbert - Bad Day at the Office

I had a little bad day at the office myself last Tuesday. I have a key to the office door, but the last two times I've tried to use it, I couldn't get the door to open. Last Tuesday morning I resorted to kicking the door, and got reprimanded by one of the nuns.

I didn't realize it at the time, but my key was bent. I mentioned that to Cathy, but the nun didn't believe me and insisted on coming over to inspect the key. Like I can't tell that something's bent? Then she quizzed me on how I bent it. Like I freaking know?

The worst part is that she was close-talking me, and I was wedged between my desk, my bookshelf, and my supply closet, with no avenue of escape besides pushing her away. I wanted to, but restrained myself.

It was hard, though. The people in the video look much more satisfied.

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