This Week in Netflix: Volume 31

Now that Everybody Loves Raymond is no longer available on Netflix — Thanks, Obama —  I've needed to branch out a little and find other things for Grandma to watch when I need her to settle down. I haven't come up with a good half-hour comedy replacement, but we did get through some wacky comedies that held her attention.

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Grandma was fascinated by the dog -- she couldn't stop telling me how ugly it was -- and chortled with glee at the slapsticky shenanigans. I'd never seen it before, but it was filled with familiar faces and I found it cute despite being fairly predictable.

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I actually saw this 1999 remake  in the theater with a date. This is another one with a lot of physical humor, which is right up her alley. I'm not sure if I've ever seen the original.

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I saw this in the theater with my mom and sister. It held up pretty well -- the special effects aren't overly cheesy and the jokes are still funny. Also, it has near-peak Chase and Aykroyd.

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Another remake -- I might want to see the original, just for comparison. This one has a baby Ryan Reynolds in it, though, and it's hard to beat that.

I Would Totally Vote for Them

Spotted on Facebook this week: Some t-shirts that cleverly straddle the intersection of art and politics.

I did order the Sharon Jones one, because the Daptone Records site was having a half-off sale.

The TMBG shirt reminds me of another viable slate of officers:

Speaking of Colbert: I wish that I could watch CBS shows on Hulu, or that the cable company was faster about uploading episodes of The Late Show to their On Demand channel, because I'm not a big fan of watching the little clips that get posted to YouTube. I have this (probably irrational) fear that I'm missing part of the show, or seeing it out of order or something.

Friday Timewaster: The Shipping Room Podcast

Last weekend I drove to Chautauqua to meet with a freelance client about our next project, and while it wasn't a long drive, I was unsure of the ability of Sirius XM to satisfy my aural urges. It seems like lately I just flip through all 30 of my preset stations without finding anything I can tolerate for more than a song or two, and that gets old quickly.

Rummaging through the bin of physical CDs that I kept after the Great Purge of 2013 (Drink!) and/or firing up my big laptop with the iTunes library and curating the perfect playlists seemed like too much work, so: Podcasts to the rescue!

The problem there is that I only listen to three podcasts on a regular basis (Car Talk, The Rachel Maddow Show, and The Big Podcast with Shaq) and I was already pretty much caught up with all of them before I finished backing out of the driveway. I had to cast my nets upon the pop-culture waters and see whether anything I could snare would hold my interest while navigating around the parade of orange barrels on I-90.

Luckily, while working through my backlog of Entertainment Weekly magazines over at my parents' place a few days before my trip, I came across a reference to The Shipping Room Podcast.

It seemed to hit a few of my personal sweet spots -- which include but are not limited to watching a lot of television shows, having definite feelings about what does or doesn't happen on said shows, and talking about fictional characters at length and in great detail. (Once a co-worker interrupted a discussion I was having with another co-worker to ask if what we were talking about had happened in real life or on TV. I think that was the line, anyway -- it's been a while. You know how a piece of something that happens now reminds you of a tiny snippet of something you remember from almost twenty years ago and you laugh or otherwise react but if you have to explain to a third party why/how you made the connection and had that reaction it all falls apart because you can't quite supply enough of the context to make the remembered incident relevant/meaningful? Yeah, it's like that.)  

I'm only maybe ten or twelve episodes in to the podcast archives -- for whatever reason, I keep picturing them as the Delicious Dish duo on Saturday Night Live -- and I've got about 40 episodes to go until I'm caught up. So, even though I'm listening to them at double-speed, I should have more than enough material to get me through any jaunts around town/impromptu road trips in the foreseeable future.

I Totally Want This: Pawprint Keychain

I love this keychain charm that's on sale at the Bobcat Store!

However, I already have an Athens Block keychain that I'm not really using.

I insist on keeping my car key on a separate key chain, and all I have on it is an old OU bottle opener. I've had it since I was a student, so the logo and paint have long since worn off -- I'm probably the only one who knows it used to be green and have a white paw print on it. I tried to replace it with a white one in the same style, but it was too weird and I switched back.

Anyhow: I need to find my keys, load the car, and get going on my road trip. It's a little bit of a working vacation -- going to meet up with a freelance client -- but it should be a good time!

HITG: TV Blogger Edition

As a fan of Television Without Pity  — the place I first read about "Hey, It's That Guy!"* — I feel I have to be a fan of Previously.TV  So far,  all I do is follow them on Facebook, and I rarely click the links to read the posts or go directly to the site to see what they have to say about anything.

Today, though, I spotted some familiar names in the link to A Closet Case: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1997 Fall TV Preview — I remembered them as hi-larious people who wrote for another tv-related site I used to follow, TeeVee.

Amazingly enough, I couldn't remember the name of the old site right away and had to do a lot of Googling, but that's ok because it led me to (a) discovering their podcasts on  The Incomparable and (b) learning that there's a chance that TWoP may be resurrected!

I still have my TWoP "Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks" t-shirt, but I think I got rid of my TeeVee shirt long before the Great Purge of 2013. (Drink!)

* I even got the book -- and  I still have the book, despite The Great Purge of 2013, aka the ruthless culling of my books, CDs, DVDs, and clothes that I conducted when I moved out of my apartment and which has become the basis for my own personal drinking game whenever I encounter a reference to something I used to have.