The Spor(t) Repor(t)

  • How lucky are the Cavs? They beat Milwaukee, and the Nets beat the Bulls to give us second place. Awesome! I was watching Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN2 this morning instead of getting ready for work, and they were showing the brackets for the Eastern Conference. We're so going to the conference finals this year. I'm hoping the Pistons/Heat winner will be worn out from playing the other team, and we can roll over them in their weak moments to get to the championship. I'm not going crazy and saying we're going to win that, but . . . A girl can dream.

  • My Milwaukee Indians t-shirt arrived yesterday. Yay! I may have talked one person into going to the game with me to get my Rick Vaughn "Wild Thing" glasses. Cathy said I could wear them with my Anderson Varejao "Wild Thing" wig and my Chucks, and then people will really know I'm a weirdo. (I may be paraphrasing somewhat, but you get her general idea. Also, I would like to point out that I do not actually own a Varejao wig, even though I totally want one.)

  • Back to Stephen Colbert: Tonight is the metaphor-off with Sean Penn. Set your VCRs!

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