Wild Thing: I Think I Love You

Back by Popular Demand! Anderson Varejao “Wild Thing” Wig
Cleveland, Dec. 6th - It’s a crazy, wild thing, but Cavaliers fans just flipped over one of last season’s most popular promotional giveaways—Anderson Varejao Wig Night. It will be a sea of mop tops once again on Wednesday, December 13th for the second “Wild Thing” Wig Night giveaway at The Q when the Cavs take on the Charlotte Bobcats at 7:00 p.m. Everyone in attendance will receive the wild head piece that resembles the Cavs forward’s wacky hairstyle. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

I know someone who went to wig night last year, and he was somewhat ticked when he found out that the team shop sells Varejao wigs. But the wigs you get as the giveaway are much better than the ones they sell in the stores.

Grrr! I just realized that I scheduled a freelance meeting on the 13th. This was before I knew about wig night. Hmm. Maybe I can cancel?

Anyhow, I [heart] Sideshow Bob. I hope he gets to start again — if Gooden is still on the injured list, he might.

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