I Totally Want This: Fathead.com Edition

I think I need this to go with my Michael Jordan growth chart and life-size Yao Ming poster:

It's only $150, and if I buy it now, I get a second one free!

Hmmm. What to choose . . .

Oh man, if the "Mrs. Sizemore" t-shirts flew off the shelves,
could you imagine the sales of a life-size poster?


Sorry. Lost my mind for a minute.

Since I'm
(a) sticking to a basketball theme
(b) running out of walls in my apartment

I'll have to skip this old-school Kosar:

Plus, it's already sold out.

In other basketball news . . . (emphasis mine)

Varejao continues to amaze with his knack of drawing charges, and now the officials give him the benefit of the doubt because he's already established the reputation as a defensive star. In 22 minutes, he's delivering 7.2 points and 5.8 rebounds but even more in terms of hustle plays. He is perfect for this team and does a good job running the pick-and-roll with James. Some fans want him to start, but he brings game-changing energy off the bench — and he's usually on the court at the end of close games.

From Iverson Answer to Wrong Question
Terry Pluto, Akron Beacon Journal

I know he brings "game-changing energy" — and sometimes the Cavs need that energy right off the bat, which is why I want him to start. Ooh, especially once Scot "Mohawk" Pollard is healthy, and he can come in off the bench with some energy.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

I'm debating whether I want to get tickets for Cavs vs. Hawks. The game's on my last night in the ATL, and what better way to spend it than waving a giant Go Cavs! sign at Philips Arena? So far, though, all I can find on TicketMaster are the nosebleed seats. I'll have to investigate this further later.

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  1. Update:
    They now have a Grady Sizemore fathead: http://www.fathead.com/mlb/cleveland-indians/grady-sizemore/

    Check out the free extras. Almost makes it worth $100.