A Sign from God?

I made a mistake a few nights ago.

In a moment of weakness, I opened an e-mail from Converse about a shoe sale, and even though I'd heard Kevin Smith's cautionary tale about how easy it is to drop five grand buying shoes online, I found myself ordering two pairs:

It was hard to stop at just two pairs, honestly, but the sale prices weren't even all that great, so I forced myself to put these back on the shelf:

And I'm not even mentioning the pink ones with swirly designs and flowers, which I decided against because I already have a solid pink pair and a pink plaid pair. And the fact that I can't wear any of these to work. (Well, I could on our secret, unsanctioned Casual ___days, which occur whenever there aren't any grownups in the office — usually Fridays, but sometimes Wednesdays. But in the big scheme of things, not so much.)

I'm already feeling a little buyer's remorse, and then I get an e-mail yesterday from Converse, saying that they can't process the order because the credit card company wants verification of the shipping and billing addresses. Urk. I'm having the stuff sent to the office, which is what I do with almost everything I order online . . . including the other shoes I ordered a few months ago:

So. . . . maybe this is a sign from God that I don't really need the shoes? But they're so cute! (Shut up, Cathy! I don't mock your Steve Madden fetish! Much!) Sigh.

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