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My Major League: Wild Thing Edition DVD arrived yesterday, complete with the Turf Cover. I was out of town, so I missed the whole Opening Weekend snowstorm kerfluffle. I have been following the related aftermath, however, including the shift to Milwaukee. The whole thing keeps getting crazier . . .

How's this for irony? The Indians were going to give out Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn glasses at Tuesday's home game to coincide with the release of a special edition "Major League" DVD. And though the movie was set in Cleveland, the baseball scenes were actually filmed in Milwaukee County Stadium.

Tribe tidbits

Members of the Brew City Browns Backers, a Milwaukee-based group that gathers to watch Browns games, were downright stunned to hear their beloved Indians would actually report to Miller Park as the home club.

"When someone told me that," said Brian Shadix, the president of the Browns Backers, "I said, 'You're full of it. There's no way. But ever since they confirmed it, it's been crazy."

Two sections down from Shadix and his crew was Ross Salchow, a native Milwaukeean who grew up rooting for the Indians.

"That was my first rebellion," Salchow said of his rooting interests. "They were my favorite American League team, but I wasn't allowed to cheer for them until the Brewers moved to the [National League]."

To properly root for the Tribe on this day, Salchow, who owns a T-shirt printing business named Insomniac Ink, had on a navy blue shirt that read, "Milwaukee Indians, est. 1989, re-established 2007." The first year listed was in reference, of course, to the year of release for the movie "Major League," which was based in Cleveland but shot in Milwaukee County Stadium.

Fans help Indians feel right at home

I'm totally getting one, and wearing it to the rescheduled Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn glasses giveaway night on April 25th. Who's with me?

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