On the Road Again

Dateline: St. Louis

I'm camped out at Casa de Nikki & Matt & the three cats. It's pretty cool — they've updated a lot since I was here five years ago. For example, they now have actual furniture in the living room instead of the removable bench seats from the minivan. Oh, and Nikki was showing off the renovated kitchen, with new shelving units from IKEA. It looks pretty sharp. Oh, and I forgot to mention the flame decals she stuck on her mixer. So cool!

I was late getting in because of the weather in Cleveland — had to get the wings de-iced before take-off. We were in one of those tiny jets; I had seat 1A, which was nice because I had extra leg room, but I had to put all my gear in an overhead compartment since I didn't have a seat in front of me to stuff it under.

Anyhow, not much is going on here yet — still figuring out breakfast, moaning over the weather report (although it's going to be a windy 40 degrees here, compared to a snowy 34 in Cleveland), and debating what to do today. We'll probably hit the Loop and mooch around for a bit, then wind up at the City Museum. (Have I mentioned the giant underpants? I don't know why I think that's so funny.)

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