Axis of Ignorance

As we all know, Google is awesome. If you type in "team name" and "pub quiz" you get a page all about pub quiz team names as a search result — a lifesaver on Wednesday afternoons when the genius of "Keith Richard's Dad's Ashes" is off taking a smoke break, not to return until around 9 that night.

A lot of the names on the list made us laugh, but "Axis of Ignorance" won out. Christine said she wanted to be North Korea, and after Cathy asked if she would be dressed as Kim Jong Il, said, "I will be the tiny one in the grey pants suit kidnapping filmmakers." Heh.

Speaking of ignorance . . . I was putting my stuff together for my trip this weekend and ignored the clock, because for some reason I thought, "Oh, I don't have to leave until 7:30." Then at 7:30 it hit me: "No, retard! You were supposed to be there at 7:30. Doh!!" So, a quick call to Christine, since I knew Cathy wasn't going to make it until later anyhow (Maybe that's what threw me off, knowing she wasn't going to be there until 8 . . . yeah, that's the ticket.), to let her know I wouldn't be there for 15 minutes (okay, a half hour) but that she should save us seats. She assumed it was going to be insanely packed again like it was the last few months, but said she'd do her best.

When I got there, I finally got to meet the infamous brother. For months, Christine has been answering science/technology questions with some variation of "Well, if my brother were here, he'd probably know that, but I have no clue!" It turns out that he and his friends were in Brendan's earlier for a drink, realized it was Pub Quiz night, and stuck around until she got there. They bailed before the quiz started, but not before saving us three seats at the bar and providing answers to the majority of the picture round. Thanks, guys! Or . . . thanks for nothing. Most of the answers turned out to be wrong. Double doh!

I don't think we would have gotten them right on our own though — it was a tough one this month: identifying the sports organization represented by each logo. And these were not obvious logos, either, like


I think the most mainstream logos were


(Which one team identified as the National Huh-Rifle Association — you kind of have to say it in a Hank Hill accent.)

Cathy claims to be into motorsports, but she couldn't identify the person who was injured at the race in Bristol last weekend (Okay, I know: You didn't get to watch the race. Fine. But you don't check out the results online?) or correctly identify this

as the National Auto Sports Association. Sigh.

This morning, as I'm browsing my My Yahoo sports page and catching up on the details of the Indians win (I missed the last few innings because I was running errands), I notice that the fellas over at Deadspin have posted Your End-of-Day Trivia Fun. I check it out, and their picture round is silhouettes of baseball players like the one below — so, I guess the picture round last night could have been worse!

(I initially thought that it looks like Bob Wickman, but people on the site guessed Bartolo Colon. Now that I think about it, they might be right. The official answers haven't been posted yet, so maybe I'll check back later.)

At any rate, we were tied for fifth at halftime, and finished somewhere in the middle of the pack — tied for seventh or eighth, I think. We got mugged by the missing link again. How would you connect Martin Luther King, Wonder Bread, A Christmas Story, and six other things I can't remember right now (but believe me, they were equally as random)? Would you believe "short"? Martin Short, short bread, short story. Whatever!! I hate the missing link. As Christine told Mike D, it almost makes her miss the world showcase category. The only positive thing? Team Eleven finally lost!

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  1. Uh, well, excuse me. I don't have enough time to keep up with races that are over before I'm home to watch them. Jeez. I live life, not watch other peoples.