Great Minds Think Alike

Thanks to alert reader Cathy, who pointed out that Conan O'Brien ripped me off.

Okay, so I got the idea from people at TWOP. Whatever.
As noted in a previous post, a dude on American Idol looks like Bat Boy of Weekly World News fame. Pretty much everybody and her brother have come to the same conclusion, which is why the writers on Late Night with Conan O'Brien used the gag in their segment on casting the American Idol movie. Go to the NBC site to watch the whole video — Idol TV Movie (4/5/07). (I would link directly to it, but I don't know how to get HTML to ignore the apostrophe in the URL.)

In related news . . .

  • Conan's musical guest tomorrow is Of Montreal, who have also made an appearance in my blog. I usually don't watch Conan (I tape Stewart, Colbert, Leno, & Ferguson. If I'm up anyways, I will watch Kimmel and Daly, but mainly because I think the guys in the house bands are kind of cute.) but I may make an exception.
  • I was out watching Blades of Glory and having ribs at the brewpub last night (awesome on both counts), and when I got home I was worried that my VCR ran out of tape before American Idol came on. I was glad to discover that it managed to record all of the performances and conk out just as Paula was going to give her comments on Sanjaya. (An insightful critique, I'm sure . . . not! /Wayne) Latin night was kind of meh overall, and I'm hoping NosPhilratu (pictured above) gets the boot. I'm not saying that the others are better singers than he is, but they don't skeeve me out as much.

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  1. I was fond of the comparison between Ruben and a Cadbury Egg.

    That Coney ... he cracks me up.