Opinions on American Idol

When I was at the dentist's last night (No cavities! Yay! No lecture about flossing! Double Yay!), the hygienist and I were talking about how this season doesn't seem as good as past seasons.

Then I find out that "America" tells Stephanie No and Sanjaya Yes? Whatever! I'm still going to watch it, but I'm not going to like it. Well, maybe I'll like Blake, but that's about it. Evil spawn of Nosferatu/Batboy cannot get off my screen fast enough.

I also liked this bit from the USA Today Idol Chatter blog:

Rather than have them review last week's performances — which I've already done, you've already done, 5,000 other blogs and fan sites have already done, and for all I know half the junior high English classes in the country have already done as an essay assignment — we asked each of them to pick a finalist who has potential but needs to step up his or her game.

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