How Did You Celebrate Stephen Colbert Day?

I would have celebrated Stephen Colbert Day by eating some Americone Dream ice cream and watching his show, but (a) you can't buy the stuff around here yet and (b) I tape the program for later viewing. Besides, I was busy "working" on some freelance stuff. And by "working," I think we all know that I mean "uploading my iTunes library to so I can make it available for trading."

Anyhow, thanks to my Google alert for Stephen Colbert, I was informed of a variety of news articles promoting the event or promoting other Colbert appearances, including

Clark Morawetz, Jacob Kanter, Maurice Collard, John Tate and Jason Colbert (left to right) practice their Stephen Colbert impersonations in Oshawa, Ont., Tuesday, March 20, 2007. Photograph by : NATHAN DENETTE/CP

Heh. I keep typing Colber (without the t) because I'm saying it to myself in my head as I type. At any rate, now I'm trying to figure out when I'm going to visit my sister in NY and when we will head to NYC for a few days. On one hand, it would be cool to see people I know who are going to BookExpo in NYC, but on the other hand, I think The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are usually in reruns the week of Memorial Day, and it would be even cooler to see the show in person. But it really all depends on my sister's schedule, so we'll see.


  1. Ha! I thought you'd get addicted to lala;)

  2. Yes — only because it seems less demanding than physically sorting the CDs, putting them in a box, taking them to Half Price Books, waiting for a staff member to flip through them,and accepting the measly $5 or so they will offer for the whole lot.

    I got my first trade in today's mail: King of the Blues: 1989, B. B. King. It's, uhm... interesting. I like the last three tracks a lot, though, and I certainly would not have paid full price for it (even in one of Amazon's 4-for-3 schemes), so ... mission accomplished?