My Mom Is Cooler Than Me: Example 19,384

I was at my parents' last weekend, chatting with my dad during the commercials while he watched his financial shows. He said, Your mom wants to know who sings this song . . . Every Day Is Like Sunday?

I'm like, The Smiths? Where did she hear that?

He's all, I dunno — it's in some commercial. She heard it and liked it, and she wants to buy the album. She wanted me to look it up online, but I don't know how.

I started quizzing him about what commercial it was for, and if that was the actual title or just part of the lyrics, hasn't he ever heard of Google, blah blah blah. He got all annoyed and defensive, telling me that he tunes out commericals and doesn't pay attention to music anyhow, so he has no idea what she's talking about in the first place. Plus, he doesn't know what site to use to look up lyrics. I said that you can Google pretty much anything, and let it drop.

Later on, I went upstairs to my mom's sewing room to see what's what. She said that it was from a commerical for NASDAQ, described the commercial to me in some detail, said that the refrain from the song is "Everyday will be like Sunday, baby," and kind of hummed the tune to me a bit.

She also gushed on and on about how it incorporated all these '60s influences and just sounds so bright and peppy. She was annoyed that my dad hadn't looked it up for her already, but she figured that when I came to visit I would know what it was right off.

I had to tell her that I'm not in the habit of cycling between CNBC, Fox News, and the Bloomberg Network all day, so I don't really see commercials for the NASDAQ. Besides, it didn't sound like any song I knew, but I'd plug some keywords into Google, and we'd see what popped up.

I clicked around for a bit and came to the following conclusions:

  • The band is named Of Montreal.
  • They are from Georgia. (Have I mentioned that now that my sister moved to GA, everybody's from Georgia? It was the same when she was in NY. I'm sure it's just psychological — you just prick your ears up because now you have a reason to pay attention to things from that area, but still.)
  • The song is "Everyday Feels Like Sunday."
  • Morrissey (not the Smiths, but same difference, really) sings "Everyday Is Like Sunday."
  • You can buy The Sunlandic Twins from Amazon and iTunes, but you can also find places to download an MP3 of the tune for free. (Which we did — but we also ordered the album from Amazon, and then when I got home, I bought it on iTunes, so we're not complete thieves).
  • You can watch a video for "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games," another great song from Sunlandic Twins that is the basis for an Outback Steakhouse jingle (anything to get rid of those stooopid ditties sung by people with fake Aussie accents!) on YouTube. (Which we did, and my mom deemed it very Peter Max, especially the bit at 1:10.)

My mom thinks they're going to be the next big thing, since they're being used in commercials and otherwise gaining prominence. Another testament to her mad trendspotting skillz, she says, and I don't doubt it.

Anyhow, the other day I decided to use her trendiness to expand my musical horizons a bit. I've been listening to Pandora a lot, but I found that I was listening to a lot of people I already know, as opposed to getting exposure to new songs/artists via the find-something-similar aspect of it.

So, I started a new station using Of Montreal. I named it (what else?) My Mom Is Cooler Than Me. I've been liking it so far. You can check it out here.


  1. I used to see these guys nearly every day and night between Coffee-houses & Clubs. Good band, nice people. I guess your mom is cool.l

  2. That's very funny. My mother and I used to quiz each other with songs on the radio in case one or the other got on to Name that Tune.