Kevin Smith Update

Even though I'm going to have my own Evening with Kevin Smith in March, I had to pre-order this when it popped up on my Amazon Recommendations list: An Evening With Kevin Smith 2—Evening Harder.

And then I found this in
an EW Popwatch entry:

In other TV news, it's getting harder to put off adding Showtime to your cable:


The premium cable network has also signed Kevin Smith to its pilot of the British import Manchild, a title I'd only heard of because it starred Buffy's Anthony Stewart Head on the BBC. Smith will be joined in his make-believe midlife crisis by Sex and the City's John Corbett and Rome's James Purefoy. (This is where I second my editor's first thoughts: "a) Can he act? There's a reason he played a guy named Silent Bob, and b) Smith's middle-aged enough to be facing a midlife crisis? Damn, we're old.")

Additional confirmation from Yahoo News: Director Kevin Smith acting in Showtime pilot.

I'll probably have to wait for the DVD, though, since I don't get Showtime and have no plans to sign up. (I have to draw the line somewhere.) Or maybe they'll have them in iTunes or something . . .

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