No Means No

Shows I will never watch, no matter how much ink they get in Entertainment Weekly

  • Lost

  • Desperate Housewives

  • Prison Break

  • Ugly Betty

  • CSI (any flavor)

  • Law & Order

  • The Sopranos

1 comment:

  1. Megan Quinlan4/12/2007 10:54 AM

    Have to agree with you on Lost and Housewives, but I've actually sat and watched more than one Sopranos episode in a row On Demand with Brendan and Ray, who both love it and watch it over and over. And don't you even go trashing L&O. I love that show! Criminal Minds is my favorite, but since I work a lot of nights, I really don't get to watch TV. My list of shows I'll never watch is definitely topped with American Idol. Ugh.