The Inevitable Post-Show Letdown

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd concert was awesome — we had a great time.

We were way down front in the open area in front of the stage, so we had an excellent view of the Keanu Reeves-esque "duh" look on Kenny Wayne's face. I was trying hard not to laugh as he struck all the classic "Rock God" poses, but it was difficult. There were five to eight teenage guys to my right, staring slackjawed in amazement at his mad guitar skillz.

To my left, Nikki was dancing . . . energetically in a low-cut black tank top. When Buddy Flett introduced "a song for the ladies," he gave her a shout-out. First he told the guys to go get a beer or something, then he pointed to his left and said that Noah likes these girls over here [three or four high school/college girls hanging on the divider squealed; Noah Hunt just laughed]; then he pointed to his right and said that Kenny Wayne likes this one down here that's been doing all the dancing. Kenny's face was like "What?!" It was quite amusing.

I was looking for a review or some photos to link to, but can't find anything online yet.

Anyhow, the flight back was relatively uneventful — once I actually made it to the plane. I was waiting in an awfully long security line with an adorable guy headed back to the University of Kentucky. He thought I was still in college . . . or at least pretended he did, which was nice of him.

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  1. Megan Quinlan4/12/2007 10:57 AM

    Oh I am SO jealous! I love KWS! Brendan and Ray and I once drove to Maryland to see him since he never comes around here. LOVE Noah - that voice! Man. I don't think he's coming up here on his current tour either. Damn. I would've flown out to meet you if I knew! Oh, BTW, I just found out last night that Caitlin is getting married in june. In Aruba. Nobody's invited - just her and her fiance. Suck. Also, Brendan moved to PA last week to work for ICE, but he's in GA for the next three months at fed law enforcement training. Suck.