I Totally Want This: Late Night Snack

Hmm. Chocolate-covered potato chips in vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel swirl? I enjoy most of the things in that list, but not all mashed together like some kind of Best of Bootie mix. (Speaking of, I downloaded the 2010 edition over the weekend and added it to my iPod. It adds a little zazz to the workday.) But I am a fan of Ben & Jerry's flavors created for late-night hosts, so I'm sure I'll be sampling it at some point in the near future.

In other news, Emilio Estevez washed his hair. <--- That was my favorite of the many Charlie Sheen-related team names at pub quiz the other night. I have had several requests to get off my lazy a-dollar sign-dollar sign </Principal Figgins> and resume my recaps, so I will get on that forthwith. Right after I finish doing freaking math to update the suggested responses in this stoopid econ lesson on the CPI.

In the meantime, may this fulfill any tiger blood needs you have:

(I haven't actually watched it yet, but it was highly recommended to me over lunch. I saw Jimmy's tweet about how much he looks like CS, but I will wait to watch the episode in its entirety on Hulu later tonight. So, you know, something to look forward to . . . )

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