Fashion Victims

The other week I gave the Fashion Citation notepad to the other proofreader at work as a gag gift. Which is to say that one of our cow-irker's "fashion" "choices" make us gag.

Sadly, it was turned on me this morning, when I was issued the inaugural ticket for "Stains and/or wrinkles." At the time it was just wrinkles, but as the afternoon wore on the "stains" prophecy came true: I inadvertently swiped my green ink pen against the button placket of my new white cardigan. Boo!

While I enjoy wearing OU colors, I do not enjoy random blobs on clothes I wear in public. In fact, the "no blobs" policy gave rise to the "no white cardigans" rule of 2003, which was faithfully observed until last summer. I managed to act like a grown-up and not junk that one up too badly, so I thought I was ready for another one. Sadly, I was wrong.

Thanks to a Tide-to-Go pen, however, most of the green ink has been eradicated from my person. So . . . . Happy ending?

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