Friday Timewaster: Which Generation Are You?

Spotted via a link on Brave Astronaut's Facebook page . . .

When I first clicked the link on Facebook, I didn't realize that it was taking me to a results page, and not the starting page of a new quiz. So, I got kind of Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You freaked out when it claimed I was born around 1971. Which is vaguely in the right neighborhood, since when I actually took the quiz it ended up with 1972 . . still a few years off. Pretty snazzy chart, though.

Anyhow: Here you go, knock yourself out.

USA TODAY - Which generation do you belong to?

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  1. OK, that happened to me also. Didn't realize I was looking at a results page. Was still creeped out that it pegged me within three years of my birth.

    So I went and took the quiz . . . and the result? On the money - born in 1967. Even more creeped out.