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At lunchtime yesterday, Cathy and I continued our spirited debate about whether corn on the cob is an acceptable food to eat while driving. She says, Hell to the NO! I say, Hells YEAH!

I was discussing this topic on Sunday afternoon with someone else (while eating corn on the cob at the Yankee Peddler festival) and am forced to admit that Michelle wasn't entirely on my side. I maintain that she had no opinion on the matter, but Cathy thinks that Michelle disagreed with me but didn't want to argue about it. Whatever.

A Google search doesn't turn up too much on this topic besides a lot of photos of people feeding corn on the cob to their dog and/or baby and this hilarious — and award winning! — Worm on the Cob derby car created by Carolyn H.:

Photo: Corn on the Cob —  Carolyn H. built this corn on the cob car, and won the Third Place Unusual Design award in our 2007 Pathfinder/Trailblazer/Stockade race.

I did find this anecdote posted in an online message board entitled "When you eat corn-on-the-cob, how do you eat it?"


The other day, we were driving down the busy interstates of California, minding our own business. ... well, except for the fact that traffic was stopped, so we were peeking into our fellow traveler's vehicles.

The woman next to us was eating corn-on-the-cob while driving! She had it on the little sticker-thiny and was just going away at it. ... I suppose it's better than talking on her cell phone; it's certainly more endearing.

Cathy seemed to experience a similar event, which raised her general awareness of the issue and influenced her contention that such behavior is wrong. I see nothing wrong with it, however.

To support my position, corn on the cob is not mentioned MSN Money's list of the ten most dangerous foods to eat while driving.
  1. Coffee. It always finds a way out of the cup.
  2. Hot soup. Many people drink it like coffee. Same effects.
  3. Tacos. "A food that can disassemble itself without much help, leaving your car looking like a salad bar," says Hagerty.
  4. Chili. Dangerous drips and slops down the front of clothing.
  5. Hamburgers. Grease, ketchup, mustard on your hands, your clothes and the steering wheel.
  6. Barbecue. Spicey and dicey. There is the temptation to lick your fingers. More grease on the steering wheel.
  7. Fried chicken. Ditto. Grease coats everything you touch.
  8. Jelly or cream-filled doughnuts. Dangers relate to oozing while cruising. Raspberry jelly stains difficult to remove.
  9. Soft drinks. Prone to spills and sudden fizzing if car makes sudden movements. Cola fizz in the nose is perilous while driving.
  10. Chocolate. Tempting but treacherous. Try to clean it off the steering wheel and you're likely to end up swerving.

And it also isn't mentioned in this list of suggestions for what to eat while driving. Note, however, that the guy who created the list seems mostly concerned with foods that will make a mess in his car. I have no such worries, because I never clean my car. Problem solved!

One blog, Quarter Life Crisis, does make a case against corn on the cob while behind the wheel, but I'm ignoring it because that whole list seems to be exaggerated for some sort of comedic effect. Plus, he hasn't updated his site since January, so how trustworthy can he be? (Although I do agree with his no-talking-to-someone-in-the-next-stall policy.)

So, I'm throwing the topic out for discussion. Please post your opinion in the comments, especially if you are one of my three longtime-readers-never-posters ... or even if you just arrived here during your search for Grady Sizemore photos, a parody motivator generator, the destroy-a-printer game, or pix of awesome Chucks.

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