How Did I Miss This?

I was actually out* on a Friday night, so I didn't get to see the Indians-Tigers brawl in real time.

Gary Sheffield has always worked my nerves, though, so I especially enjoy the last twenty seconds or so: A close-up of Fausto Carmona pounding Sheffield while Matt Underwood and Rick Manning (the Sports Time Ohio announcing duo) laugh.

This clip from FSN Detroit runs longer and has some additional camera angles, so it's also worth checking out.

* I was downtown at Ken's Martini Bar, being serenaded** and otherwise having a good time before Dean Edwards*** did a set at Hilarities.

** That's what happens when you have the same name as a popular seventies song. I used to hear the chorus of "Amie" all the time at OU from my friend Ron (who was from "Irntn: Land of No Vowels").

*** I couldn't place him right away, either. He used to be a featured player on Saturday Night Live, and he's pretty hilarious — does some good impressions/characters. If you have the chance, check out his show.

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  1. So they can beat on the Tigers but can't beat the Red Sox again? Fine. Whatever.

  2. Oh, come on! You knew in your heart of hearts that the Yankees weren't going to the postseason this year. Just set your sights on next year and the shiny new stadium.

  3. OH! I just realized last night that I could have been AT that game!

    One of the alumni chapters in the area had picked that Cleveland-Detroit game for its group outing. I kind of put off buying a ticket, because I didn't know who I could talk into coming with me, and then I forgot about it entirely. Gah.