Wow. This is right up there with the Annoy-a-tron from Think Geek and reprogramming the printer to say "Insert Coin":

Clippy —RJL Software
Clippy from RJL Software*

I'm dying to install this on certain people's computers, but I'd better not. Sigh.

OMG! They have a ton of prank software. Some of it is truly inspired, but most of it is just goofy. Also, I'm not sure I would ever see the need for distributing "I was pranked!" t-shirts after said prank, but if you're not like me, you can stock up here.

Anyhow, I probably won't post until next Monday. I have to get through Thanksgiving with the fam and a friend's wedding first. Urk. Oh, wait! At least I have a Pub Quiz tonight to look forward to.

* As mentioned on LMNOP's This Week in Internet post.

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