Lust for Shoes

Sometime in college — or maybe it was even in high school? — I had a postcard book called Lust for Shoes. It was kind of a precursor to the Anne Taintor method of putting smart remarks on vintage images, and I had a similar book called Housewives in Hell.

I have no idea where these are now . . . I'm pretty sure I never sent any of the postcards to anyone — Who is worthy to receive them? Better to hoard them in my stationery collection and pull them out periodically to laugh at and enjoy privately. — so they have to be kicking around in a box somewhere.

Anyhow . . .
What made me think of it was my visit to the Converse Web site. As I've mentioned before Chuck Taylors make me weak in the knees. I have an RSS feed to update me when they post new shoes, and I followed a few links to find these beauties . . . . Hence, lust for shoes.

Sequins?! How cool is that?!
I need these to go with my crossword puzzle ones.

I have a ton of those composition books in different colors.
Drool . . .
You know, for dress-up.
Also to go with my crossword puzzle ones.


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  1. I know you are anxiously awaiting my anti-Chucks comment, so here it is: GAWD, those designs make me want to UPCHUCK.