Friday Timewaster: PC LOAD LETTER

Office Prank: Change the Default Message on HP Printers

If I do this (and read all the comments — they're a hoot), will someone in the office be compelled to do this?

These are the things I think about when I'm in the office by myself. Well, essentially by myself. Which leads to this situation:

Some E-Cards


  1. DAMMIT! The Yanks lose Joe Torre and the Tribe can't close the deal, either. Will you people please get your act together and send the idiots packing!


  2. Grr! I was purposely avoiding baseball as a topic!

    I dozed off around 9:30 last night, and woke up around 1:15. The radio was still on, so I heard the dejection in the voice of the guy doing the postgame call-in show and deduced that we did not clinch in Cleveland. Which is too bad, but maybe we can create the same silence in Fenway that we created in Yankee Stadium.

    And I'm glad Joe Torre told Steinbrenner et al. to buzz off. The front office brought this on itself.

    Since I had a nice nap, I stayed up to watch the X-Files reruns of Dreamland and Dreamland II, which are some of my favorites, as noted here. I fell back asleep partway through an episode starring Bruce Campbell, though — I totally forgot that he was even in an episode of this show.