Thursday Timewaster: Office Snapshots

The Office Snapshots blog was highlighted in the SiteMeter newsletter the other week. I'm sharing it because when I'm trying to avoid doing my own work, there's nothing more interesting than seeing where other people work. Or something. I'm just trying to figure out if I can get a gig at the All Music Guide.

But it is kind of neat to see people still living the dream — check out the workspaces at Google's New York offices, Craigslist, Joost, Skype, Twitter, and WebMD.

I'm actually going to be taking a little road trip to the Pennsylvania office today. I've never been over there, so it will be interesting to see the setup they've got. I decided that it would be funnier if we* all carpooled together, but that will probably come back to bite me.

*We = me, the other proofreader, the graphic designer, and the office manager

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I just got a chance to click around, and the Web MD link mocks me! I SWEAR I HAVE MALARIA!!! You'll miss me when I'm dead.

    But that bottom row of files looks like my old haunt at the bank. Oh filing fun.