For Your Late Night Viewing Pleasure

Last night I was trying to read a book about how Twinkies are made, but it just made me (a) develop a wicked craving for Twinkies and (b) become incredibly tired. I had the playoffs on, but I missed most of the games because the book knocked me out around 10.

I woke up at 1:30, just in time to catch the TNT postgame. I thought I'd wait to see what came on afterwards, because sometimes TNT and ESPN will rerun the games that just finished. Instead, I was treated to an episode of The X-Files. I know that I've seen all of them, but sometimes a good ep will suck me in. My favorite of all time is "Small Potatoes," but I'm also partial to "The Post-Modern Prometheus" and "Arcadia." Oh, and how could I forget "Bad Blood"? Or "Dreamland" and "Dreamland II"?! Ahem. Obviously I could continue in this vein for quite some time. Moving on.

I'm watching this one from Season 6 (1998-99), and I can't quite place it. Once it got down to about the last five minutes, though, I remembered how it ended. The next episode starred a guy from You and Me and Everyone We Know (the one who set his hand on fire), but I didn't remember the plot of that one, either. So, of course, I had to stay up and watch it.

I'm almost ready to go back to bed at 4, since I have to get up at 6:30 (okay, 7), but then "The Unnatural" starts, and that's such a classic — you have to watch that one. So, the 5 a.m. episode is one featuring The Lone Gunmen, and I love those guys — so I had to watch that one, too. Hmm. Remember when they were spun off into their own show? It only lasted one season, but it was goofy fun. I debated getting it on DVD when it was originally released, but maybe I'll look it up on Netflix or something. I'm sorely tempted to go add the entire run of The X-Files — all nine years! — but I think I'll restrain myself.

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