This Could Be Neato

I am a big fan of the "Add to My Yahoo" button. During my incessant Web surfing, I come across many sites that I may want to check in on again later. Bookmarks, schmookmarks; picking up the RSS feed is better. That's because I tend to forget what's hidden in my Favorites folder, but I love scanning the five or six screens' worth of stuff I've saved to my "Blogs and Whatnot" page. Not to mention my "Balls Balls Balls" page (that would be Sports, you gutter dweller), the "Small and Silver Screens" page (TV and movies), and the "Go Bobcats" page (OU).

One of my "Blogs and Whatnot" entries is Neato Coolville, which gets automatic bonus points for the snazzy logo.

I'm awarding extra points for the monthlong series of posts devoted to Star Wars.

Some very nifty stuff has been posted in the first week or so: Topps Star Wars cards, scans of old ads and articles, the blogger's original artwork from his childhood — what a hoot. Anyhow, I just thought I'd mention it. If you have time to kill, feel free to stop by. It's at the junction of Imagination Street and Nostalgia Road, you know.

Don't worry: This isn't turning into "Geek Out about Sci-Fi" week, because Star Wars (original trilogy) and The X-Files is about the extent of my sci-fi involvement. Well, I do like Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, so I suppose I could wring a few future posts out of that. But probably not this week.


  1. Was something there directed in my general viscinity? I note that you refer to a singular gutter dweller.

  2. Mmm, yeah, it was a little shout-out to your neighborhood.

  3. Cat sent me this photo. I saw one of these in person when I was in St. Louis last month.