Beep! . . . Beep! . . . Beep!

Think Geek: Stuff for Smart Masses — Annoy-a-Tron

I totally want this! (Be sure to scroll down to read the customer testimonial.)

Although, actually, we essentially have this in our office already. The backup powerpack or whatever on the graphic designer's computer randomly peeps every now and then.

Or wait. . . . Does she secretly have an Annoy-a-tron and is trying to drive us bonkers? Is this some sort of revenge for being treated as the keynote speaker at the retard convention*?

*This is a phrase Cathy came up with to describe the feeling I had during a meeting this morning. We're totally using it as our Pub Quiz team name tomorrow night. Although she may change retard to doofus because she wouldn't want to be insensitive to anyone in the bar who might actually be developmentally delayed.

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