Link Mania

Every time I see something nifty in my RSS reader, I use that handy button on the Google toolbar to send it to Blogger. Thus, I have at least a half-dozen drafts that are just a hyperlink plus a lame comment like "How cool!" or "This is awesome!" as placeholders until I have time to write a real post about said link. I realize now that I will never write real posts about those links, so I will just dump them all here in a big pile. Click away.

Two links I scadged from an entry in Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy blog, simply because I find these items awesome:

Okay, maybe I am totally nerdy*, but I thought this was pretty cool and was sorry I wasn't there.

I'm not nerdy enough to have this, however:

Actually, that's probably more laziness on my part than geekiness. It sounds like a lot of work to scan in your entire library. Although if I did, I would probably find it helpful to participate in what seems to be the book version of Lala:

You have to be a total pen geek to get all the jokes, but I find this hi-larious.

I should have included this in that post I did the other day about the past perceptions of the future:

*I hear your loud chorus of "There's no maybe about it, geek!" and say "Shut it!"

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  1. Kind of creepy how accurate the 1979 LRotF is, isn't it? Though I'm still waiting for my robot slave. ...