Friday Timewaster: Belated Tricks and Treats

Crossing the Street in Sleepy Hollow

I'm actually in the process of reading The Original Knickerbocker: The Life of Washington Irving. I'm only on, like, chapter 2, but it's extra interesting because I was just in the Tarrytown* area a few months ago. We drove by his house, Sunnyside, on our way to the train station in Irvington.

Speaking of headless horsemen: Check out this freaky costume opportunity . . .

Or, as I like to call him: Christopher 'Creepy Eyes' WalkenYou'll need to lay your hands on some colored contact lenses between now and next Halloween, though. He doesn't look quite as frightening as he does in Sleepy Hollow, but I've always found him scary enough in real life.

Speaking of creepy: Take a gander at the rest of that guy's site. Mr. T Christmas cards? Valentines featuring the cast of Law and Order: SVU? Random paintings? Yow.

On to the Timewaster portion of today's program:

M&Ms Dark

Earlier this week Megan posted about the dark movies game on the M&M's Web site. I tried playing it, but I only got about a dozen before I started Googling for the answers. If you have some time to kill, you can play it here. If you only want to see the solved puzzle, click here. If you want a list of the movies so you can match each title with its depiction in the puzzle, look here and here.

*An area I formerly associated with Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, one of the many Judy Blume books I read growing up. On Wednesday afternoon I was at the Rocky River Public Library, and saw Everything I Needed to Know about Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume on display. I read it while I was there — an amusing collection of essays from some chick-lit authors.

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  1. Wow! You found a solved version and a list of the movies! I'm very impressed.

    We started Googling about half-way through. Sadly, even with the power of Google, we're still missing five. I might have to give in and check out the list of movies for the final answers.