Oh, I Know Your Name All Right

I came across this a few days ago:
After months of curious anticipation ("What will it sound like?" "Will he beat box on every song?" "Should Justin sue him for style-jacking in advance?") we're finally getting some answers thanks to the newly leaked "Know My Name."

Yeah, Justin should totally sue for style-jacking. It's very Justin-esque, with a few Blake-isms thrown in (like the "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" at about the 1:10 mark).

"Know My Name" really hits its stride, though, on the bridge, a delirious fusion of falsetto crooning, beat-boxed percussion, and semi-rapped promises of the ideal future he's planned with "a dog, white fence, maybe couple of kids." Within that thirty-second span of busy pop brilliance, he conjures a hooky sound a million times better than any all-pleasing country-R&B hybrid the depressingly bland Jordin Sparks could ever come up with.

True dat: The bridge is my favorite part. And I can't stop listening to this song. I like it a million times more than any songs by a certain gypsy punk outfit. I'm not as into the other leaked track ("Break Another"), but it would probably grow on me.

Off to make a Blake Lewis playlist in iTunes. Does Tiger Beat have a Web site? Can I still buy Bop and 16 on the newsstand? I mean, if I'm going to be a teenybopper, let's go all the way, right?

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