Do Not Question Me

Yesterday while I was looking for Pub Quiz team names, I found Do Not Question Me, which is a blog that's pretty much only recaps of Pub Quiz! So, it could be worse, all you people who mock me for recapping Pub Quiz on my blog.

Yesterday we were the Half-Pint Glass Liberation Front. We initially agreed on the Pint Glass Liberation Front, after some flirting with Fiesta con Queso, Hasslers of the Hoff, So That's What Quidditch Means (which I totally swiped from the good folks at
Do Not Question Me), and Mike D Says "Slap My Ass and Call Me Sally." However, Christine must have had Little House on the Prairie on the brain when she wrote the name on the answer sheets. Nobody really noticed, though, because the guys in the leper colony (I don't know how that got started, but Mike D always calls them that) called themselves Mike D's Prostate Examiners. I can't decide whether that's an improvement over the name they used last week (Rusty Trombone).

We did okay in the first half: A respectable 24 out of 30. We faltered somewhat out of the gate with a 6 in the largest/smallest animals category, but managed a perfect 10 on the acronyms. Whatever the third category was, we must have gotten an 8. That put us in the middle of the (closely bunched) pack at halftime, during which I tried to explain to Christine the horribleness that is Wristcutters and Cathy begged Mike D to play Gogol Bordello next week.

The second half pretty much sucked, because we didn't know much about modes of transportation that are not automobiles, nor were we overly familiar with television detective shows of the 1970s and the lead actors therein. The last category was Elvis, but I only got us a 9 out of 11 because I forgot that his first television appearance was actually on the Steve Allen show and I didn't know the highest rank he attained in the Army. I did know the bonus question (Who did he sing to in his first television appearance?), however. So, you know, we had that going for us.

This week it was Christine's turn to win the raffle prize. All the prizes were Halloween-themed, so she was the proud owner of a candle shaped like a creepy hand. Or at least she was until the next raffle, when one of the guys from the leper colony won something he didn't want, and offered to trade. Cathy liked the other prize, so he went off with the candle and Christine gave the picture to Cathy. I think it wasn't so much the picture as the frame, which may have had a Halloween theme somehow. I don't know: It was dim in there, and we were too busy making more jokes about Mike D's junk.

At any rate, we managed to not come in fifth. That's right: We inched our way up to fourth. So, no alcohol-themed prize packs for us. (Although I don't know what I would do with a big sign for Great Lakes Christmas Ale anyhow, so maybe it's just as well.)


  1. Dang. Now I want to move to Colorado or New Mexico so I can go to a Pub Quiz by Geeks Who Drink: "To the best of our knowledge, we're the only company that blogs every single quiz." They mean it, too: photos, recaps, scoreboards. Wow.

  2. Thanks Amy, I hope you can make it out here some time.

    -John (Quizmaster (and sometimes cockmaster) in Chief.

  3. Holy crap! We got fourth? And I missed it! Serves me right for leaving early.