Will You Adopt Me?

I want to go live at this house:

We have three DVRs in our house which means we can tape 6 shows at once while watching 3 already taped. (Very large flat screen in living room, 40 inch in bedroom, and 32 inch in studio.) {A little overkill, perhaps???} And there are only two of us! So, no, we never watch commercials. I've been told we've missed some funny ones, but cannot bring myself to care much.

Posted by Melissa169a on October 8, 2007

In other news . . . I am not so much a robot wannabe as an actual, certified idiot. Allow me to present the evidence.

I locked my keys in the car yesterday while Cathy and I were out for lunch. So, I had to call the office and ask someone to come get us because I didn't feel like waiting around for AAA. So embarrassing!

Minor bright spots throughout the ordeal:

  • The graphic designer came and got us, and not one of the nuns.

  • I had left the rest of my keys on my desk, so I could at least get into my apartment to get my spare set of car keys.

  • One of my friends not only had the time to come pick me up after work and chauffeur me around but also the good grace not to laugh at me too hard while doing it.

  • I could actually find my spare car keys. See, I thought I knew where they were — one of those things where you see something out of the corner of your eye all the time and think, Okay, that's where that is if and when I ever need it — but then when I was rummaging around on my ironing board* and couldn't find them, I started freaking out. It turns out that at some point they had fallen off the "table" and were at the bottom of the pile of shoes that tends to form in that area. Whew!

  • I still managed to get to the Indians Team Shop and get three tickets to Friday night's game watch at Jacobs Field. Now I just have to decide what to wear. I kind of want to wear my Milwaukee Indians t-shirt, but I wore that to the Jake in July and the Indians lost, so I don't want to jinx them or anything. The game time temperature is going to be 50 (if I'm lucky) and rainy (ugh!), so I suppose I will have to take that into account.

* Have I mentioned that the lever to lower it is broken, so instead of throwing it out and getting one that actually collapses, I just put a big table cloth on it and started using it as a flat place to stack things? I never iron anything anyhow, but I heart making random piles of things I will deal with eventually!

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  1. Thanks for that! I needed to be reminded that I'm not the only idiot out there;)

    (Oh, and a few years ago I locked my keys in the car while I was warming it up one cold winter morning.)