But Maybe I AM a Robot

I totally want this t-shirt from the Crusher Store.

Captcha t-shirt — Click to enlarge

Wear our logo and parade it around! Uhm, actually, our logo isn't on it. In fact, you can barely make out what it says. What kind of marketing ploy is this? Well, it's actually more for figuring out which of your friends are robots. If it works on the internet, it should work at parties too :)

I also want this on a t-shirt:

Wahoo Bugs

So far, it's just on Brian's Humor Page, but maybe it will one day make its way into the online catalog at Shelf Life Clothing.

This is also on the humor page, but I doubt it will make its way onto a shirt:

LeBron Roots for the Sox

Speaking of people who root for the Yankees:
Brave Astronaut has fulfilled his end of our bargain by writing a positive post about Cleveland. It's really quite nice. Check it out here.

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