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Cleveland Indians Grady Sizemore (left) and Ryan Garko celebrate the team's 6 - 4 win over the New York Yankees in Game 4 of the American League Division Series at Yankee Stadium on Monday, Oct. 8, 2007, in New York to advance to the American League Championship Series against the Boston Red Sox. (Phil Masturzo /Akron Beacon Journal)

Uhm. That photo looks a little . . . incriminating. Much like the photo of LeBron laid out on top of Damon Jones after Jones drilled that shot against the Wizards the other year. But they're just happy, is all.

Front Page -- Akron Beacon Journal -- 10/9/07

Front Page, Sports -- Akron Beacon Journal -- 10/9/07

A lovely sonnet from the Listener Rantz page on


I sent the following poem to my diehard-Yankees-fan-friend in NYC this morning. Thought you might like to have a copy...

Dear Yankees Fans,

Our thoughts are with you in this time of great sorrow.
For your beloved Yankees, there is no tomorrow.
The end of an era? Steinbrenner's story?
Will all your Free Agents walk the same path as Joe Torre?

None of that matters to us at this moment...
It's time to move on to our next AL opponent!
Their pitching is solid, but we've got our gnats.
This week we'll train 'em to swarm Boston's bats!

Who cares what Chip thinks... or TBS... or ESPN...
As long as our Indians continue to win!

So next week when you're sulking, along with King James,
In Cleveland we'll all be enjoying the ALCS games!


Regards, Indians Fans

~ From Jeff in Strongsville, OH

Eventually, Brave Astronaut is supposed to post something nice about the Indians on his blog. Watch this space.

Hmm. Since I had a blogger bet during the CLE-NY series and the Indians won, I suppose I should have one with Megan Q during the CLE-BOS series to ensure an Indians victory.

In other news: The Cavs open their season tonight. At least the organization shows a little class on its Web site, even if LeBron insists on being rude:

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