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After five fun-filled months in Athens doing Bobcat things, I'm back in Akron doing slightly fewer Bobcat things and not really sure what's going to be happening next.

I should probably resume regular blogging, just to give myself some kind of structure. I mean,  I have months' worth of Pub Quizzes to document! However, it's much easier to be super-lazy and just post to Facebook. Part of it is that I'm on mobile devices more -- as opposed to having to sit at a computer with full keyboard for 8 hours a day -- and part of it is that there's other fun stuff to do on FB. (If by fun you mean "looking at the photos of random friends-of-friends for a few hours," because again: Sorta stuck in neutral.)  I guess I could do some digging to figure out the code for making blog posts appear on FB or vice versa, because I'm pretty sure I know some other people who make that magic happen, but ... yeah.

Anyhow: This week is the MAC tournament and St. Pat's in the Flats. I'm going to tonight's OU-Akron game, since I had to miss last night's win over Miami due to a freak blizzard. Watching it on the giant big screen TV at home was better than being stuck in a traffic backup, I guess.

I was reading some old posts about my tournament experiences, and it was kind of fun to look back. I've been doing a lot of looking back, because I'm trying to organize elements from the OU Women's Club's archives into a coherent display for the club's 75th anniversary celebration at the historic Silver Grille at the Higbee Building downtown. I really need to quit slacking on that, because there are a lot of other moving pieces that I'm in charge of, or in charge of finding other people to be in charge of. I'm still kind of worn out from all the craziness of my last two weeks in Athens (see FB for mildly incriminating photos!), but I've had a week at the 'rents (aka the best vacation spot ever, according to my almost-BIL) to kind of rest up and recuperate, so I'm running out of excuses to not get my rear in gear.

Meanwhile, I'm way behind on my TV watching. I've been having some nutty dreams again, which is what usually happens when I don't dull my senses with enough pablum from the idiot box. I'm trying to keep up with American Idol, although none of the contestants really seem to be grabbing me this season. Then again, there are two or three that I would be sorry to see go, but they're not super-impressive at this early stage. I am enjoying the new judging panel and reduced (on-screen) role of Randy Jackson, though, so it's not all bad.

I'm also behind on my spring training games. I listened to maybe half of Indians game using my MLB At Bat app, and I'm missing out on all the winning going on. I know the games don't really mean anything, but when it's going from 57 to, like, 7 degrees within a few hours, it's nice to hear Hammy call some home runs.

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