Pinch Me

So, last week I started living the dream: Back in Athens, working for the alumni office.

It's only on an interim basis, but there's the possibility of making it more permanent if I get my act together and fill out an online application within the next few days.

I'm still adjusting to having to get up early, find something presentable to wear, drive for a while, show up somewhere on time, and do actual work for a while, but I think I'll manage.

In related news:

I'm still kicking myself for not using my old student ID photo on my new employee ID. I went to get my employee parking pass on Monday, and the student processing my request asked me if I used to be a student there. I'm like, "Yeah, once upon a time," and she laughed. I didn't really know what prompted her question until I went to get my employee e-mail and ID and the tech there asked if I wanted to use the photo on file. "There's a photo on file??" I looked at her screen, and there's nineteen-year-old me looking back from spring quarter junior year. I was tempted to use it, but I went ahead and had a new one taken.

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