Tuesday Timewaster: Know Your States

I spent most of this morning posting info about an OU alumni event I'm organizing to the walls of a bunch of people I know on Facebook. I should be finishing a manuscript assessment, or finishing proofing an online edition of a social studies unit, or __  or __ or ___  <--- fill in the blanks with any of the sundry tasks on my never-ending to-do list, but instead I'm fiddling around on Know Your States.

Hmm. Maybe geeking around and playing games is why nothing ever gets crossed off of my to-do list? Perhaps I should block certain sites from my work computer? I could  usher in a new era of productivity and inspire everyone else in the office to meet our project deadlines!



  1. Been "playing" this for about a week now. It's "edumicathional"

    Last game - 92% / Avg error 8 miles / 312 secs

  2. Yeah ... I think I found it a while back via kottke, but I couldn't play it on my iPad, so I saved the URL in my e-mail drafts folder, and then I came across it this morning when I was grasping at straws to avoid doing actual work.

    Have you gotten a perfect score yet?

  3. Progress report: 92% / Avg error 7 miles / 234 secs

  4. 94% / Avg error 5 miles / 287 secs (Goddamn Missouri)