I Still Totally Want This: Chromebook

I was at trivia on Monday, and I was taking notes on all the Qs & As in one of my new red notebooks . . .

 . . . and one of my friends wanted to know if I was going to start blogging about Monday trivia the way I used to blog about the monthly Wednesday trivia.

I said I doubted it, because I am lazy. Too lazy to turn on my laptop and type things into it.

Actually, change that: Too lazy to clean off my desk at home so I have somewhere to put my laptop down so I can sit there and type things into it.

Also, too lazy to drag my laptop to the library and sit at their (ostensibly clean) desks and type things into it.

Ditto, w/r/t taking the laptop to the office.

On top of that, I'm sort of getting behind at work, so I probably shouldn't be typing this there now.

But back to Monday:

I explained that since I have an iPad, I tend to use it for everything instead of turning on my laptop. However, it's tough to type on an iPad (well, to type anything longer than pithy Facebook comments) (or pissy Facebook comments, whichever) so I tend to passively consume — checking my Google Reader feeds, reading Kindle editions, etc. and so on — instead of actively create — editing photos, updating Web sites, typing up OU alumni stuff, posting to ye olde blogge, etc. and so on.

I said that I'm still fantasizing about getting a Chromebook, which combines the instant-on of the iPad with the handiness of a physical keyboard, and that having one would solve all of my (admittedly first-world) problems.

Videos like this are not helping me resist clicking the "Buy Now!" button.

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