Like Christmas Every Day

I went on a bit of an online shopping spree lately, and now the packages are starting to arrive.

My copy of Stephen Colbert's book for kidz arrived last week and made for some fun lunchtime reading.

I Am a Pole (And So Can You) -- Stephen Colbert

Coincidentally, I actually ordered a flag pole, but I forgot about it. When the giant box arrived I did a double-take and almost said "That's not mine!" Then I remembered that I finally sucked it up and ordered one of those tailgating poles so I can fly an OU flag at our outdoor events — of which we might actually have a few this summer.

Luckily for me, the box fit in the trunk of my car. I haven't taken it out of the trunk yet, but I will eventually. Probably.

What else?

Oh: I need more notebooks like a whole in the head, but these come with this adorable box and cute poster and fun patch . . . and they were on sale (sort of), so why not.

Plus I got these snazzy red ones with the debossed logo.

In the suggested practical applications section, it mentions "Lists of Suspected Communists."  which fits right in with the social studies unit on the 1950s that I should be proofing . . . right after I finish proofing the social studies unit on the Civil War . .  which I had to set aside so I could call Alaska and give some archivist up there a credit card number to  buy an image for the 1950s unit. Fun!

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