Google Books, I Heart You

So, I'm trying to track down a bunch of sources for this project at work, and it mostly entails clicking on a link to see on what Web site someone else found a historical document, looking at that site's source information to figure out what the true source of said document is, and finding a copy of said source online or at the library.

This morning I was looking for a copy of Julia Ward Howe's memoirs in Google Books. That brought me to this page:

Julia Ward Howe - Reminiscences, 1819-1899 -- on Google Books

First I started laughing because I'd never really seen a picture of Howe before and she struck me as resembling a basset hound. (The other editor concurred: "She does have a bit of the Deputy Dawg look to her.")

Then I said, "Oh my!" when I spotted this book cover in the Related Books section:

How can you see that and not click on it?! And then not click on the "read more" option?!

After I cracked up about what actually seems like a tough situation ("Howe wrote The Hermaphrodite when her own marriage was challenged by her husband’s affection for another man"),  I opened the downloaded PDF of the memoirs and was delighted to discover the fingers of whoever digitized that volume:

Finger condoms FTW!

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