I Totally Want This: Rally Drum Red Ale

Rally Drum Red Ale is created in honor of Cleveland's own John Adams! Who's John Adams? For anyone that's been to a Tribe home game in the last 38 years, you've no doubt heard him beating his iconic drum in the bleachers! Baseball is a sport of nostalgia and grand tradition. Nobody knows this better than John Adams. From the minute the batter steps into the box, to the set and the pitch, his steady hands add drama and excitement to every inning of every game. The Rally Drum Red Ale pays homage to the man behind the mallets and the team and game that he loves.

A local grocery store chain is tapping kegs of this tomorrow afternoon in anticipation of Opening Day on Thursday. 

Hmmm. I may have to show up at work on time (or, gasp!, early) so I can go check this out at 4 p.m.

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