MAC Madness 2012

I went to the OU-Toledo MAC Tournament game at the Q last night. It was supposed to start at 9:30, and I seriously considered taking a power nap between work and the pre-game party, but decided that I didn't have enough time.

As it was, I got to the pre-game event too late to see the band. However, I was part of a small but appreciative crowd that got to witness them marching out of the Q to the hotel, so that pretty much made up for that.

Here are some crummy cell phone photos taken from my seat at about the time OU finally got its act together and started scoring some points, much to the chagrin of Toledo.

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Also: What's the deal with the Toledo fans wearing masks — ski and otherwise — as part of their superfan outfits? (I would include a photo, but the whole thing comes off as strange and somewhat creepy/unsettling, so I will spare you.) Is it like the Saints fans who put bags over their heads — they don't want anyone to know who they are?  (UPDATE: Apparently it's a secret society of athletic supporters: The University of Toledo Blue Crew. I give them points for the Chuck Taylors, but that's about it.)

After the game I was going to go out with some friends who came up from Columbus, but I forgot that they roll up the sidewalks early downtown — the Lizard was already pretty much closed at midnight, and the Harry Buffalo gave us the boot at one. I suppose we could have gone to Flannery's, but since I was supposed to be at work at eight, we called it a night. 

It's probably just as well, since my response to the alarm going off this morning was to slam the snooze bar and pull the covers up over my head. I did that for about forty-five minutes, then sucked it up and got going. 

Since I was already running late, I decided to swing by the Dunkin' Donuts for some caffeine and sugar in the form of an extra large hazelnut coffee and a doughnut with green and white sprinkles. Nom, nom, nom.

Tonight I get to do the whole thing over again: pre-game party at 7, game at 9:30-ish (depends on how long the Kent-Akron game goes). Here's hoping the OU team of Thursday's second half shows up for the whole game this time — I want to go to the championship game on Saturday!

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